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Whether testing your endurance fighting a tireless halibut or thrilling to the lightning-fast run of a trophy king salmon, Southeast Alaska fishing earns it reputation as some of the finest in the world. Angling opportunities abound in the fresh and saltwater surrounding Fireweed Lodge. Our local experience and love of the sport of fishing makes it possible for our guests to enjoy the Alaska fishing experience of a lifetime. The majority of all salmon runs retuning to the coastal streams and rivers of Canada and Alaska either mature in, or pass by, our famous Southeast Alaska fishing grounds. We are proud to offer clients phenomenal fishing for halibut, rockfish, lingcod, steelhead, trout, and all five species of salmon.


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Fishing for Southeast Steelhead & Trout

April is the best month for targeting steelhead in Southeast Alaska. Steelhead are recognized as a true test for any angler on both fly and conventional gear. The freshwater streams surrounding the lodge are filled with hungry trout all year, and many are accessible by road. It is possible to target trout on multiple Alaska fishing streams in a single day of fishing!

Alaska Trophy King Salmon

King salmon are the largest of all the salmon and their long, fast runs put drags through their paces, and bring a smile to the face. Peak season for kings occurs from late May through July, but kings are caught year round at our location in Southeast Alaska.

Southeast Silver (Coho) Salmon

Silvers do not grow as large as kings, but what they lack in size they make up for with daring runs, ferocious tail dances, and thrashing leaps. Maturing fish can be caught with regularity in saltwater from late June through August, and spawning fish can be targeted in freshwater from September through October.

Fishing for Rockfish in Southeast Alaska

Rockfish are one the finest tasting fish in all of Southeast Alaska, and are abundant in our waters throughout the season. Spin casting with light tackle for black bass and yelloweye rockfish is a thrill for any angler, and even bigger thrill on the dinner table.

Southeast Alaska Halibut Fishing

Our fishery for halibut in Southeast Alaska is so reliable and consistent; they are often caught by accident when targeting other fish. The fine white flesh of halibut can be prepared in a myriad different ways, making them one of the most versatile game fish when it comes to preparation. Barn doors weighing over 100-pounds put back muscles to the test and anglers are often surprised by their long, driving runs.

Our Local Alaska Fishing Guides

We are proud to employ fishing guides with a vast knowledge our waters and local Southeast Alaska fishing methods. All our fishing guides are USCG licensed and carefully selected to provide you with a day full of productive fishing and, most importantly, fun.

Our Boats - Made for Southeast Alaska Fishing

Our 22-foot Olympic vessels are fast, reliable, and built for fishing in Southeast Alaska. All boats are equipped with state-of-the-art electronics, providing safety and the ability to find the hotspots.

Care of Your Catch

The Fireweed Lodge staff is dedicated to ensuring the quality, freshness, and flavor of your Southeast Alaska fishing bounty. All are fish are handled with care from start to finish. All fish are bled, cleaned, and portioned to your specifications, followed by vacuum packing, flash-freezing, and labeling of product. After returning home, your Southeast Alaska fish will taste as fresh as the day they were caught.

On Site Fish Smoking

Fresh smoked salmon is a Southeast Alaska delicacy, and Fireweed Lodge is proud to work with one of the finest fish smokers in the State; Two Girls Seafood Specialties. Kaleigh Ryno provides our guests with outstanding smoked salmon prepared in many different ways, and offers other fresh local Alaska seafood for any culinary preference.

Kaleigh can brine and smoke your catch and have it ready for your group to take home and enjoy. Vacuum sealing is included to ensure the quality and taste will be preserved, even after an extended time in your freezer.